About Metanoia

Meet Stephen Sullivan, a Chicago native with a passion for visual storytelling. As a seasoned videographer and photographer, Stephen began his journey capturing the glitz and glamour of models, events, and concerts. Yet, amidst the flashing lights and staged smiles, he found himself yearning for something more profound.

Driven by a newfound sense of purpose and guided by his faith journey, Stephen embarked on a quest to utilize his creative talents for a greater good. It was through his encounter with Jesus Christ that he experienced a transformative awakening—a realization that his lens could capture more than just superficial moments; it could illuminate the human spirit.

In Stephen's eyes, each frame is an opportunity to share the power of redemption and renewal. Inspired by his own spiritual journey, he set out to amplify the voices of those whose stories echo his own—a testament to the life-changing grace of Jesus. Today, as the heart and soul behind our vision, Stephen Sullivan continues to shine a light on the transformative power of faith through the art of visual storytelling.

The Reason Why

Our mission is more than just a statement—it's a heartfelt commitment that resonates with every fiber of our being.

Metanoia isn't just a word to us; it's a journey of the soul, a testament to the profound transformation that comes from encountering the love of Jesus Christ. Our founder, Stephen Sullivan, knows this journey intimately. It's his own story of repentance, redemption, and a complete change of heart that fuels our passion.

Through our visual narratives, we don't just capture moments; we capture the essence of spiritual awakening and renewal. With each frame, we aim to peel back the layers of darkness, exposing the enemy's tactics that seek to rob us of joy and peace. It's about more than just storytelling; it's about offering a lifeline of hope to those drowning in despair.

At Metanoia Worship, we're on a mission to shine a light in the darkest corners of life, revealing the boundless possibilities that come with surrendering to Jesus. Join us on this deeply personal journey of faith and transformation, where hearts are healed, lives are changed, and hope is restored, one story at a time.

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What started Metanoia?

Metanoia Worship embodies Stephen's personal journey of vulnerability and connection, ignited by his candid testimony at a youth retreat where he shared struggles with suicidal thoughts. The overwhelming response from peers facing similar challenges sparked a profound realization: many suffer in silence, yearning for a safe space to share their stories. Driven by this insight, Stephen embarked on a mission to create just that—a sanctuary where narratives of transformation through God's power could shine. Each account at Metanoia Worship stands as a testament to the impact of faith, showcasing that through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, authentic change is attainable.